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WMAHU March Update

Mar 16, 2021

WMAHU like most associations has been working hard to ensure that our members receive the services and information they expect. Over the past year, we have increased our use of technology to communicate with our members during these difficult times. This has proven to be a wonderful investment on our part and we will continue to move forward looking for new ways to improve on what we have already built. We were able to speak with our representatives in Washington last month at CapCon and communicate our desires for improving our industry and better serving our clients and their families. We stood with a united voice and shared concerns about our healthcare system and educated them on what we need to do as a country to protect our citizens. Their response was positive and they will support us and our recommendations!

The pandemic has hit us hard like many companies and other associations. NAHU members have left due to budget cuts, switching careers, loss of income etc. At WMAHU, we have been struggling to maintain membership and find people willing to serve on our board. We are asking WMAHU members to be engaged in this association, to recruit others to join, and to volunteer. We are only as strong as our members and right now we need you! We play a vital role in our industry protecting our clients, their employees, educating members of congress, providing training and resources to members, and helping to make our industry better. It is our duty to sacrifice a small amount of our time to bring good to others and protect our industry. I ask that members join us, pick up the torch, and move forward building our association so we can continue working and serving.