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Sep 4, 2020

With an election only 2 months away and fears of economic uncertainty, some members of Congress are campaigning for healthcare plans to eliminate private insurance. While we know COVID-19 has left many industries out of work, we hope this will not be the future for our industry. Don’t lose what you love!

HUPAC must have funds to help members of Congress and candidates who support our agenda now more than ever. There will be dramatic changes being proposed to our healthcare system, both good and bad, and we will continually need to be at the forefront educating members of Congress on the role that agents, brokers and benefits specialists play in providing consumers with quality and affordable health insurance options.

MAHUPAC must have funds to help members of our state legislature and candidates that support our state agenda.

You can help by contributing to HUPAC (visit hupac,org and log in with your NAHU credentials), MAHUPAC (visit or both. If you are a current contributor, thank you for your support. We hope that you will be able to help us preserve the future of our industry. Thank you for your support of HUPAC & MAHUPAC.