MAHU Affinity Programs



To Members: Michigan Association of Health Underwriters

Please join me, along with Paulette Wiener, MedPut’s  Head of Customer Success, at one of our weekly webinars to learn how easy it is to increase your income by marketing MedPut. Paulette will provide an overview of how MedPut works.

 MEDPUT is the employee benefit that provides 0% financing of out of pocket health expenses for employees and their families.

MedPut helps by paying providers directly for health expenses, while attempting to negotiate savings on the employees’ behalf.  Once payment is made, employees repay MedPut, over time, through payroll deduction, interest- free with no credit check required.

Weekly webinars kickoff Tuesday, May 12th at 3pm and continue every Tuesday at 3pm and Thursday at 11am thereafter. Reserve your spot now!


I look forward to meeting with you,

Robert Lackey
Benefits Consultant
Insurance Navigators Agency

Past President
Ohio Association of Health Underwriters

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