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MAHU 2020/2021 Board Year in Review

May 26, 2021

By Troy Duimstra, President

Greetings, Members of MAHU!

The past year has been a very challenging year as your MAHU President.  As you would expect, it was challenging due to the pandemic and the inability to meet with our members in person.  My vision for what I wanted to accomplish never changed, but my execution had to.  It was disappointing to not be able to travel to all the local chapter meetings or the golf outings to meet all of you in person.  Our membership numbers are a bit lower from the start of the year, but I know the future is looking up.  The reason we were able to maintain our budget was due to the work of my very talented and experienced board!  I feel very fortunate we were all able to come together to show tremendous commitment to our association. Please see the year in review and thank you very much for your membership and commitment to our industry and our association!

After a beautiful Michigan summer, we had many challenges due to the pandemic.  We made it through stay at home and the limited capacity orders, but we paid a price.  We had to cancel all of our indoor/in-person association meetings, plus a majority of outdoor.  Cancelling them not only hurt our budgets, but in-person meetings is the foundation of our association.  We did pivot and put on several successful virtual meetings, but in my opinion, something was missing by not being able to meet face to face.  My team did an amazing job of improvising during in the face of the safety measure that were put in place.

We held a virtual Leadership meeting on September 23rd, 2020 that was a great success and helped us to keep our budget on par.  After the first of the year, we decided to combine all of our chapter meetings. MDAHU, WMAHU, NMAHU, and SWAHU virtual meetings were opened to all MAHU members.  The consolidation helped our local boards, do more with less.  CapCon was virtual this year and was a great success.  The work our association is able to accomplish is impressive.  I am happy to report that MAHU won a HUPAC award for the highest percentage of contributing members in a large chapter during Capitol Conference.  Thank you to all of you that contribute to HUPAC and made this possible!  In March of 2021, several of our members made videos to share what their membership means to them and the value it brings them.  Those videos help our association and we are very thankful to the members that took the time to do them.

Through all the challenges, Michigan AHU was awarded the BLUE RIBBON OF EXCELLENCE!!  This recognition means that Michigan AHU and all its locals are certified at the silver level or higher, but all of our chapters were able to reach GOLD Certification.  I am very proud of the commitment and perseverance of my board and I am excited for the future and being Past-President!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as the MAHU President this year, it was a wonderful experience!


Troy Duimstra