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Just ASK

Oct 14, 2020

Think of the times when you’ve found something so valuable to your professional career, but you never mention it to your peers. I think sometimes that happens to us within NAHU. We know we’ve found an association that is truly focused on helping us succeed with providing our customers meaningful solutions to their needs. We’re better consultants, we’re more educated on the issues that face our clients and their workforce, and we manage to have a great time with our fellow NAHU buddies across this great nation of ours.

Somehow, we don’t ask others that we work with on a daily basis. “Hey, by the way, are you a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters? As much as I enjoy interacting with you, it would be great to participate in our industry association together too!”  With NAHU, I’ve made friends in our industry in every single state. NAHU has helped me grow in confidence. NAHU keeps me informed on the latest trends and the latest legislative activity which impacts us.

How many days go by where you and I have interacted with a dozen agents/carriers/vendors and we’ve simply not asked. They may say no, but they may say yes and if it’s yes, think of how you’ve just helped them become connected with an association that is advocating on their behalf every day. Together, we all grow better!

Please make it a practice to ask. Let’s just ask.

Valerie Cramer, RHU, Membership Chair      616.717.2077
Charley Schlosser, Retention Chair                616.262.6297