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From Convenience to Necessity: Why More Agents are Turning to Online Resources

Mar 16, 2021

Paid article provided by:  GRA Benefits Group

Benefit Administration portals and quoting systems —these innovative resources designed to drive productivity and cut costs are no longer “nice-to-haves” for employee benefit agents, they are must-haves. Living in a primarily-remote world during a pandemic means delivering healthcare benefits has never been more critical, which is why streamlining work and driving efficiency are necessary for agents.

With the outlook of the COVID-19 pandemic still unknown, planning employee benefits for 2021 presents everyone with unique challenges. Employers must decide how to allocate benefits budgets, choose which benefits programs to offer, and figure out how to communicate changes to employees. Not all of these changes are bad news. But it does mean there is more work ahead for agents.

In a world turned virtual by COVID-19, reliable online tools are key to keeping up with the industry changes. So… how do you balance it all without wasting time and money? Who is going to help you manage administrative tasks while you keep your eye on the prize of maintaining client relationships and building new ones, all while delivering top-notch healthcare benefits?

As a company that has a longtime reputation for supporting agents, GRA Benefits Group provides cutting-edge tools and resources to increase efficiency and profitability, so you can spend more time focusing on your clients when they need you most.

Through tools like 1Enroll and 1Quote, healthcare agents are maximizing their internal resources by utilizing cost-effective solutions for benefit administration, carrier quoting, and even in producing customized virtual client presentations.

Streamline Benefit Administration with Virtual Support
Now more than ever, clients are depending on accessible support, not outdated methods, and paper-based processes. The agent challenge is resource to meet this need. Hiring and training a customer support person to do this takes resource away from what you do best. Let us be that trusted resource and it could cost you nothing!

1Enroll is a full-service benefits administration management portal—a seamless, easy-to-use platform that handles everything, eliminating the dreaded paperwork along the way by creating paperless solutions. Utilizing Employee Navigator, the benefit administration service you already know and trust which services more than 1,200 brokers with 27,000 employers, 1Enroll is an online benefit administration system that supports you wherever you are, whenever clients need you.

With 1Enroll, GRA Benefits handles everything from set-up, training end users, and ongoing management of your client’s portals. A to Z we have you covered. Here are some of the many services we perform:
? Employee Onboarding
? Plan Set-up
? Carrier Audits
? Human Resource Training
? ACA Reporting
? Bill Reconciliation
? Eligibility

1Enroll examines current processes, identifies areas of improvement, and creates streamlined processes to increase productivity, develop cost-effective solutions, and maintain client satisfaction and trust — with a paperless solution for full portal management.

Save Time with One-Stop Quote Shopping

A task loathed by healthcare agents: spending hours a week endlessly clicking through health insurance carriers’ portals, sending a census to each one. Using tools like 1Quote saves hours of valuable time by providing a catalog of carrier plans and rates in one place, allowing you to filter and compare results.

Let’s do the math on how much time an average quote takes…

1. Format census for each carrier. Let’s say you’re quoting BCN, Priority, HAP,
and PHP. Using the usual process, this means four different censuses.
Time spent: 1 hour

2. Quote requests. Three of the four carriers offer quotes through their websites,
but for one, you need to request a quote via email and then continue to follow
up for quote status.
Time spent: 2 hours

3. Prepare presentation + check for accuracy. Most agents will type the benefits
and rates into an Excel spreadsheet. Then you must double-check your work.
Time spent: 3 hours

4. Deliver presentation. Finally, you’re able to put together your presentation to
show your client your findings. But what if your client decides to move in a
different direction and you have to start the process all over again?
Time spent: 5 hours

You’re easily 11+ hours into the quoting process, with more work still to do!

1Quote eliminates the need to go to each carrier for quotes. Instead, it gives you the
information right at your fingertips — at any time, from anywhere. Using 1Quote, you can quote all age-rated Michigan medical insurance carriers that file their rates with the State using only one census; side-by-side comparisons of popular benefits and rates help employers select the best plans.

How does 1Quote save you time?
? Quote any carrier’s Michigan ACA small group medical plan by uploading one census
? Produce presentations in 5 minutes
? Make instant changes during client meetings



Constantly adapting to change is overwhelming but taking advantage of comprehensive and cost-effective solutions affords you more time to focus on your business and clients. If you’re ready to start building your own solutions, contact the team at GRA Benefits Group today.


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